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A Global Action Team

Leadership - Membership - Service 

The Mustang Lions Club strives to better the community one step at a time. The MLC hosts events and fundraisers and the funds raised go to various causes around the Mustang community. The MLC also collects prescription eye glasses, ink cartridges, and hearing aids then repurposes them and give them to those in need. 

"The Lions Club has been serving America and the whole world for over a century! Our motto is 'We Serve'!"

- Rob Estes 

President of the Mustang Lions Club

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Mustang Lions Club mission is to serve and strengthen the local community and support those in need. 

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Our Vision

The Mustang Lions Club vision is to better the lives and health of people in the community, and start a chain reaction of kindness.  

We Need Your Support Today!

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